Grand Midsummer Festival 2017

St. John Lodge Rún Akureyri Iceland

During the weekend of June 23rd-24th 2017 the Brethren in St. John Lodge Rún in Akureyri will be hosting the Grand Midsummer Festival. The annual Midsummer Meeting will be somewhat grander than usual, with an additional program before and after the meeting, where the sisters will be invited to take part as well.

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To register for the meeting, please follow this link to the registration page. It is partially in Icelandic, if you need assistance or have qestions, please email hannes­

Yearly Midsommer meetings

The goal of the festival is to empower and increase brotherhood, friendship and toget­herness amongst the Brethren. Further more we will honor the 300 years anniversary of the founding of United Grand Lodge of England – UGLE.

Quite a few of Brethren from abroad are expected, such as from England, Scotland and Scandi­navia.

For some years the Brethren have been discussing the possi­blility of hosting a Grand Midsummer Festival, where Brethren from all over Iceland and abroad would meet, along with the sisters and even families. The Midsummer Festival in Rún has taken place June 24th every year since 1932 and has always been popular.


The festival will start on the evening of Friday June 23rd by reception in the Flight Museum in Akureyri. Before midnight there will be an optional sailing tour in Fjord of the Islands (Eyjafjörður) and hopefully towards the midnight sun.

On Saturday June 24th we are planning a variety of activities for the guests and sisters in the Akureyri area, where the Brethern of Rún will share their hobbies and interests, such as motorcycling, horseback riding, golfing, gardening and more. After registering, the guests will receive an e-mail where they will be able to choose in which activity they would prefer to participate.

The Brethren in Akureyri are willing to host the guests that are coming from abroad in their homes for two nights free of charge. If the guests will need further accomm­odation they will have to arrange it at their own expenses. We will assist in finding suitable accomm­odation if requested and have already reserved some rooms at guest­houses, summer­houses and small hotels.

The midsummer meeting starts at 17:00 (5 pm) at the Freemasons hall. After the meeting there will be a grand dinner with the sisters.

Even though we hope that we will have many guests, we must limit the number if the interest is more than the house can contain. We therefore encourage those who are interested to register as soon as possible. Registration will start January 15th 2017 on this webpage of The Icelandic Order of Freemasons.

Dear Brethren, you are most welcome to St. John Lodge Rún no. 2 in Iceland.

Eldra efni


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